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Meer & Co. Chartered Accountants

It’s likely these goals are top priorities for your business. It’s also likely that the daily distractions of financial and employee issues diminish your ability to focus on those goals.

We enable you to dedicate your time to critical business matters by providing custom solutions that help you manage your finances and employees. We offer clients exceptional quality and diverse capabilities in Accounting and Tax, Insurance, Payroll and Human Resources, as well as a suite of specialized consulting services and solutions – all with a single focus: your success.

In the ever-expanding business landscape, Meer & Co. is pleased to offer our Alliance firms access to the resources and opportunities from one of the world’s largest accounting and consulting network.

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Our Story

Meer & Co. is a chartered accountancy and consultancy practice based in the heart of the City of London. We have over 25 years’ experience in the field and during this time we have helped many businesses to realise their full potential. We have developed an enviable reputation throughout the UK and we are incredibly proud of our success. We are customer-centric in our approach and we genuinely have our clients’ best interests at heart.

We’ll schedule regular meetings to discuss your affairs and you’ll never have to chase us for the information you need. We firmly believe that a good accountant is a lot more than just a ‘number cruncher’. Instead, we prefer to adopt the role of a trusted business advisor in an area of your business where you may not currently have expertise. We are down-to-earth and honest and possess the ability to quickly get to the route of the problem. We are an accountant who can develop a close, working relationship with you and take the time to understand your plans for future profitability.

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Why Choose Meer & Co.

The Reasons to Consult Meer & Co.

National Reputation and Global Reach

In today’s world of rapid globalization and increasingly competitive markets, business leaders around the world are expressing needs we can help fulfill with our internationally recognized audit, tax, and advisory services. Meer & Co. leverages the comprehensive knowledge we gain through a global network to offer timely, accurate, and cost-effective services no matter where your business is located.

Technical and Solution Thought Leadership

While some markets are shrinking, opportunities to innovate and grow are found by staying close to the source of change. Our new – product development funding and training programs allow us to continually invest in meeting the emerging needs of our markets. Our cross-functional professionals are regularly working together to hone their innovation skills, sustain new solutions, and provide value for our markets.

Industry and Service Expertise

By aligning our specialists along industry lines, we add depth and breadth of knowledge to our solutions. Industry specialization gives us a better view to success in achieving your business goals and positioning your organization for a strong competitive advantage. You can trust us for advice on your market and business challenges because of our proven reputation and track record for credibility among key industry players, including lenders and professional organizations.

Commitment to Client Experience Excellence

In today’s environment, having a trusted adviser is more important than ever. Our client relationship model provides the framework for delivering our highest levels of service and client satisfaction. The high expectations we set for our service delivery teams are articulated in our client experience strategy. We hold ourselves accountable to the standards of superior performance by monitoring our service through feedback tools to track client satisfaction, engagement value, and timely issue resolution.

We invite you to learn why companies are turning to Meer & Co. as their preferred provider of assurance and consulting services. For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)207 987 3030.