We are too often called into a business to troubleshoot bookkeeping problems when something has gone wrong with a business’s accounts. Worse still, the legal eagles are now at the door, and the business owner is stressed out about the predicament they are in.

If you recognize any of the problems our clients come to us with, it could be time for you to re-assess the risks of not hiring professional bookkeeping services sooner rather than later. If this sounds like your business, call us…


  • Cash-flow issues?
  • Tax authorities pursuing you with enquiries or imposing fines?
  • You use Excel to make lists of income and expenditure?
  • You lose track of small expenditures or receipts?
  • You have “someone you know” to do your books?
  • You bought “easy bookkeeping software” that promised efficiency and speed of
  • use, but you have spent hours correcting a mistake?
  • Unsure about your accounting categories?
  • Tracking of petty cash sketchy?
  • Inconsistent reconciliation of the books with your bank statements, credit
  • card statements, invoices, delivery notes or other transactions records.
  • Struggling with debt management?
  • Bank account differentiation a little fuzzy?
  • Personal and business finances are a little ‘mixed up’?
  • Auditors need more records of business-related activities?
  • Data lost through inconsistent file back-ups?
  • No accounting for sales tax?
  • Your bookkeeping system sometimes hit and miss?
  • Losing profits through over-stated total sales?
  • Paying expenses out of your own pocket and not accounting for them?
  • Not sure if you are making a profit?
  • You are keeping paperwork in a box? (Yes, incredibly, it happens!)
  • Logging credit card payments as an expense?
  • Payroll confusion?
  • Drawings and pay extracted from your business?
  • Paying suppliers twice?
  • Inventory conflicts?
  • Data entry errors and incorrect balances?

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    Comprehensive and Professional Bookkeeping Services

    Meer & Co Go Above and Beyond Profitable Bookkeeping Services

    Meer & Co offers professional and comprehensive bookkeeping services, so you can concentrate on running your business rather than having to worry about day-to-day management of your business’ finances. We help improve your profitability and longevity by identifying development opportunities and efficiencies with you.Outsourcing your bookkeeping services with Meer & Co means you can focus on what you do best – the operations important to your business. Outsourcing to us gives you the peace of mind that we have your bookkeeping services and business support covered.

    Financial Services Packages To Save Time and Money

    Meer & Co can provide wide-ranging bookkeeping services and financial services packages to clients.  Not only will you be able to keep track of your income, expenses, tax obligations and pay your employees and suppliers efficiently, we can offer you bespoke financial services to take you into the future and remain sustainable in the long term. Full professional accounting, financial and tax planning services and business consultancy are offered alongside our basic bookkeeping services. Ask about our packages of support to significantly boost your profitability. We not only save you time and money, we make you work smarter and more efficiently with no extra efforts. Let us take the strain…

    Efficient and Effective Audit and Accounts Preparation

    Our efficient and effective bookkeeping services are invaluable for accounts preparation for the financial year. This is the most stressful time of year for any business, with many more responsibilities than usual to juggle.  Meer & Co will help you stay ahead, to maintain effective cash-flow, ease finances and continue the smooth running of your business.  Let us take care of your bookkeeping services and carry on with your daily operations whilst we take the pain out or audit and accounts preparation for you!

    Still need more reassurance we have the expertise your company needs?  Check out our testimonials of satisfied clients!