Tax Structuring

Tax Structuring

We provide due diligence on your present tax arrangements, plus innovative, bespoke tax advice around transactions, so you can structure deals in the most effective way for tax purposes.

We advise our clients on the tax implications of their proposed transaction from a business and individual perspective. We support clients throughout the implementation of their transactions to maximise their tax efficiency.

Tax Due Diligence
We research all the tax implications for any proposed transaction, mitigate risks for clients and identify opportunities to improve their tax position. Our due diligence for tax can be for a single service or form part of an integrated service with other aspects of transactions.
We can offer expertise and experience in transactional work for owner-managed businesses and detailed knowledge of taxes, including Corporation Tax, CGT (shares and securities legislation), VAT, Stamp Taxes and PAYE. Meer & Co. always take a proactive commercial approach and will utilise expert and specialist skills in all areas of services we provide.

Tax Structuring
Tax structuring of any business transaction is vital and can significantly affect the outcome for businesses and their owners. An understanding of both sides of a transaction is key in structuring a deal which will work commercially and provide the best possible tax outcome.
Our expertise and experience in structuring transactions means we can deliver innovative, bespoke tax planning solutions, either for stand along areas of service, or an integrated approach.

Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) / Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme(SEIS)
We have extensive experience and expertise in advising clients looking to raise capital under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (‘EIS’) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (‘SEIS’). We can advise on the structure of capital raises and the EIS and SEIS tax rules from both the company and investor perspectives.

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