Transaction Services

Transaction Services

We are often called into a business to troubleshoot bookkeeping problems when something has gone wrong. Worse still, the legal eagles are now at the door, and the business owner is stressed out about the predicament they are in.

If you recognise any of the problems our clients come to us with, it could be time for you to re-assess the risks of not hiring professional bookkeeping services sooner rather than later. If this sounds like your business, call us…

Acquisition Due Diligence
Expanding a business through acquisition can provide exciting business opportunities, but mitigating risk through due diligence is vital for the success of subsequent planned transactions. Meer & Co’s due diligence services identify risks and opportunities that can be managed effectively or exploited.

Our due diligence expertise and experience in owner-managed business transactions can help your business transition into what could otherwise be a risky stage of growth. Our ability to identify risks and opportunities in advance means you can maximise your business advantage throughout the acquisition process.

Financial Modelling
Financial modelling is vital to any business and particularly important during acquisitions. Appropriate integration of your new acquisition underpinned by a robust financial model can make a real difference to the future success of your expanding business.

Ours is a comprehensive financial modelling service, including banking support, working capital and cash-flow management advice.

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