Mrs Swati Barman

Payroll & pensions Advisor

– Swati joined Meer & Co in 1996 and is a highly regarded member of the Meer & Co team.  She specialises in payroll, pensions and autoenrolment for owner managed businesses.

– Amongst her hobbies are her love for cooking and trying out various International cuisines.  She also has a profound and deep interest in reading for pleasure which encompasses a wide spectrum of knowledge.

– Currently she is interested in understanding the interlinking of language, linguistics and its impact on human history and development.  Apart from that she enjoys taking long walks and likes travelling with an eye on historical contexts.

– She says that the more she travels, the more she realises how interconnected the world is and how similar have been people’s aspirations since the dawn of time.  She also has a passion for music.  Her motto in life is to view the positives in life and she is determined to find the good in all situations.
+44 (0)2079873030